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Having issue with your laptop or notebook? Infected? Booting issue?
Liquid spills? Overheating issue?

A laptop often called a ‘notebook’, ‘notebook computer’ or ‘netbook’ is a small portable personal computer.
Laptops are becoming the part of our everyday life. You may run into different problems that your laptop may have, such as overheating, infected by viruses and also liquid spills which might damage the main board.

Laptop or notebook repairs are a fair bit different comparing to desktop PC. Our repair workplace is equipped with laptop tools, which help to repair many laptop problems.

We will get your laptop to work at it normal speed or even quicker. We are not only fixing the laptop but we are here to provide a better solution.

  • Remove infected objects, spyware or viruses
  • Recover data (Documents, Photos, Videos, Favourites, Downloads, Musics, Contacts)
  • Upgrade your laptop to increase the speed, performance and lots more
  • Start-up error, black screen with white text
  • Remove your Windows login password – Forgot you Windows password?
  • Fix Login issue – “The User Profile Service failed the logon” error message
  • Fix BSOD (blue screen of death) errors.
  • Repairs laptop which having issue to turn on or keep rebooting
  • Fix laptop boot issue or running slow, not stable, freeze or crash
  • Repair or replace faulty fan which making loud noise or not working
  • Fix Overheating issue
  • Repair or replace damaged laptop’s parts including broken screen replacement, flickering screen, backlight issues
  • Configure or set up laptop with Printers, Internet, install antivirus, install required third party software such as PDF reader, Apple iTunes, Samsung Smart Switch and etc.
  • Configure network issue or wireless network issues
  • Replace or fix faulty power jack
  • Replace faulty HDD to SSD (Solid State Drive), DVD-ROM drive
  • Replace CMOS battery or external laptop’s battery
  • Repair liquid spills’ laptop
  • Replace laptop’s keyboard
Contact us now to have our laptop technicians to provide you with better solutions.