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Having issues with your Apple Mac? Infected by viruses?
Your Mac is running slow? Overheating?

Do not panic, we are here to help and resolve your Apple Mac software or hardware issues. Apple Mac’s Operating System is different comparing to Windows.

We will get your Apple Mac to work at it normal speed or even quicker. We are not only fixing the Mac but we are here to provide better solutions and services

  • Remove infected objects, spyware or viruses
  • Repairs Apple MacBook screens
  • Replace broken glass cover
  • Replace broken screen
  • Fixing Flickering screen or backlight dimmed (No image)
  • Replace keyboard or trackpad
  • Fix Apple Mac booting issue, running slow, not stable, freeze or crash (folder icon with question mark, Apple Logo or blank grey or white screen)
  • Fix dimmed screen (dark display) when loading Mac OS
  • Upgrade or replace Ram, HDD to SSD, Bluray, DVD-ROM Drive
  • Replace battery or power adapter
  • Repair liquid spills’ Apple MacBook
  • Apple Mac make noise, overheating issue, replacing the CPU heatsink fan
  • Recover Data
  • Configure the Apple Mac with Printers, Internet, install antivirus. Install require third party software such as Adobe Reader
  • Upgrade to the latest Mac OS.
  • Recover data from Apple Mac computers.
  • Help to configure Time Machine Backup, in case of data lost.
Contact us now to have our Mac technicians to provide you with better solutions.