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Required a server for your business?
Looking for experienced IT support to look after your server or network systems?
Are you after a File Server, Email Exchange Server, Domain Controller or Remote Server?

We have helped numbers of businesses to implement server and to plan or design their network infrastructures.
We also help to improve their business efficiency plus data security.
We supply branded Servers and Workstations according to the client’s needs.

  • Set up File Server to centralized your business data
  • Set up Email Exchange Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server
  • Domain Controller Server – Active Directory
  • DHCP Server – provide IP addresses
  • Configure network
  • Sharing data across your network via Mapping drive
  • Grant access or deny access to certain users
  • Set up network printers
  • Configure your Server with RAID HDD configuration
  • Set up Remote Access from everywhere even though you’re in oversea
  • Rotating Backups, Cloud Backup, NAS Backup
  • Manually configured batch script to perform regular backup for some folder or file to network backup drive
  • Windows login profile folder redirections – you can access all your files and emails from any computer