What is NBN Fibre?

Activ8me NBN Fibre is a next generation broadband service capable of speeds much faster than those available though ADSL. It uses fibre optic cables to send the signal much faster and further than what is capable using the old copper lines.

Activ8me NBN Fibre offers large plans at reasonable prices and blistering speeds. With our Hypersonic 100/40Mbps speed pack you can download, stream and share like never before.

Why Choose Activ8me?

Great Value Internet and Phone Plans To Help You Save
Use Your Data Whenever You Want (No peak or Off-Peak)
Freedom To Change Your Plan Each Month^
Short Term Contracts
Australian Sales and Support Staff
Activ8me Has Become YouTube HD Verified

No Contract – $99 Setup Fee
12 Months Contract – $49.95 Setup Fee

Activ8me come with different monthly data allowance 50GB / 250GB / 500GB / Unlimited

25/5Mbps – From $49.95 per month (50GB)

50/20Mbps – From $59.95 per month (50GB)

100/40Mbps – From $69.95 per month (50GB)

100/40Mbps – $99.95 per month (unlimited Data Usage)


CLICK HERE to download NBN Broadband Application Form

CLICK HERE to download NBN Satellite Broadband Application Form